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 Syncodeal GmbH

• Characterize by efficiency and by the maximization of the potential of each member in our group.

We are experienced professionals of the pharmaceutical industry active for more than 20 years.

• The technical & scientific management manages the R&D and production laboratory – Germany

• Headquarters - Vienna, Austria.

• Operational in Bucharest, Romania.

• The product management, regulatory affairs & compliance departments are established in Romania, with support from the German colleagues.

• Direct sales to the private environment – pharmacies, sanitary institutions and other types of customers targeted by our products.

• Bidding in public auctions.

• Contacts with the most important key accounts (large pharmaceutical chains), as well as with domestic and local distributors, where we do not have local presence.

• A modern and efficient call center that ensures additional input in the relationship with our customers.

• Our own online sales platforms, as well as our most important products present on websites promoting products in the same sector of activity.

• Marketing by medical promotion in the university hubs of Romania

• Promotion in the media, radio, TV, written press

• Online marketing; our group has an internal department of creation.