About Us

SyncoDeal Pharmaceuticals este o companie romano-austriaca, tanara si dinamica, ce isi dedica intreaga activitate imbunatatirii sanatatii si calitatii vietii prin aducerea pe piata romaneasca a unor produse de cea mai inalta calitate si eficacitate.

Who we are?

SyncoDeal Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2008 and is active on the German, Austrian, Slovenian and Romanian market as member in the same holding with CBF OPTIM TRADING, H&C Technology and Retail Distribution. With functional offices in Bucharest and Wien and development plans in the center and south-east of Europe, the company managed in a really short time an important player on the pharmaceutical products distribution market.

Member of  SyncoDeal GmbH

With science and soul we come to help those who need our products, but also the specialists, providing innovative solutions for the treatment of dermatological, orthopedic affections and nutritional imbalance. We believe in the value of our colleagues and from the beginning we took on the responsibility to offer our clients a high level of satisfaction, by directing all of our resources to obtain this objective. To attain a high level of trust, every client needs solution for sage and efficient treatments. Our current policy includes projects designed to ease the client’s access and in the market presence of high-tech medical products.

Research and development

Using high level research laboratories we manage to create new pharmaceutical products made in Germany and Austria, SyncoDeal Pharmaceuticals provides a way to maximum health through maximum quality. Launching new products and increasing/enriching our portfolio through new products are key points in the company’s strategy.

And because we are a company founded in 2008, focused on the development and commercialization of strong brands, we know that by focusing and stimulating the research department we can develop to the requirements of the modern economy. This is a necessary condition for our integration on the Romanian pharmaceutical market.